The Theory Test

Before you can apply for the Practical Test you must first take and pass the Theory Test.

This consists of two elements. Firstly a multiple choice question and answer test of 50 questions on the Highway Code chosen at random by computer. To pass you must answer 43 or more questions correctly.

Following this you will then do a Hazard Perception Test. Fourteen short video clips are played on the computer and your task is to identify developing hazards during the clips.

You must pass both parts of the test at the same time to gain a Theory Pass Certificate.

You can take a practice car theory test here


offers one to one theory tuition if required. This can be done in car as part of a driving lesson using Lap Top Computers.

We have helped many people with learning difficulties to gain the necessary skills to pass this part of the Driving Test.

For more information on the Theory Test visit the DSA website.


The Practical Test


The Practical Test is usually taken in the car in which you've been learning. The Test lasts about 40 minutes. You will be tested on all the aspects of driving that you have been practicing, including reversing and exercises such as the emergency stop and hill starts. In December 2017 the practical test introduced the use of Sat Navs and now most tests include about 20 minutes of independent driving following instructions by Sat Nav. One in five tests will do about 20 minutes of independent driving following road signs.



The standard of the Practical Test in the UK is very high so it is vital that you have prepared for it thoroughly. This includes getting expert tuition and as much practice as you can. The DSA wants candidates who pass the test to be safe drivers for life and here at CATH ROBERTS DRIVER TRAINING we endorse this completely. We never allow our students to take the Practical Test unless we are sure they are completely ready for it.


As part of your tuition you will be given mock driving tests to help you get ready for the real thing. These are a great help because they mean that on the big day you will know exactly what to expect which makes coping with those test nerves a whole lot easier.


You can read more about the Practical Test here.







There are many CD Roms, Books, DVD's and phone apps. available to help you prepare for the Theory Test. More details are here


The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) publish an official Book, CD Rom and iphone app that are available to buy online from the TSO website



You must display L plates at the front and rear of your car until you have passed the Practical Test.


Some people like to display Green P plates for a while after passing the Test to denote that they are New Drivers.




As with the Theory Test there are many publications that you can buy to explain everything about the Practical Test. These are available from the TSO online and many High Street Shops.