We offer a variety of courses to suit everyone from complete beginner to advanced motorist and you can choose to learn in either a manual or an automatic.

(Please be aware that passing the driving test in an automatic restricts you to driving automatic vehicles only)

Semi-Intensive Courses may also be available. Contact us for details


Learner Drivers

We understand that when you are looking for a Driving Instructor , the cost of lessons will be an important factor but you should look at other things as well.

Is Your Instructor Fully Qualified?

A green licence will be displayed in the windscreen for a fully qualified instructor.


A partly trained instructor will have a pink licence.


What grade is your Instructor?

Grades 5 and 6 are the top two grades.

How experienced is your Instructor?

Many years experience will mean that your Instructor can expertly tailor the lessons to suit your needs helping you to reach test standard as soon as possible.

CATH ROBERTS DRIVER TRAINING offers all these skills. Cath and Andrew are both Grade 5 Instructors with many years in the business. We have taught people of all ages and are especially skilled with people who have learning difficulties.

Pass Plus

Checking oil and water levels before a Pass Plus Lesson

After you have passed the Practical Driving test you can go on to do the Pass Plus Course. CATH ROBERTS DRIVER TRAINING encourages all students to take this course as it will introduce new elements into your driving, including Motorway Skills and help you to gain more confidence and experience when tackling situations that you may not yet have experienced.

The course is a minimum of 6 hours and is split into six modules which can be taken on one day or split into a series of lessons, whichever you prefer. There is no test to take at the end of the course but your Instructor makes sure that you cover all modules to a satisfactory standard.

For more information visit the Pass Plus Website

Motorway and Refresher Lessons


CATH ROBERTS DRIVER TRAINING has helped many people who want to take refresher courses for a variety of reasons. Some people are new to the area and feel a little nervous about finding their way around. A few lessons with a qualified instructor can soon get you feeling ready to tackle new routes and roads.

Sometimes a break from driving can result in a loss of confidence and a few hours of patient guidance can help you get back behind the wheel again.

Never been on a Motorway? Don't worry. Our expert Instructors will teach you all you need toknow to keep safe and enjoy your Motorway Experience.

Whatever your reasons we can help.





Lesson Prices


Manual Lessons

£27 per hour

Block Booking

£260 per 10 hours

£130 per 5 hours


Automatic Lessons

£27 per hour

Block Booking

£260 per 10 hours

£130 per 5 hours


Pass Plus Course


Refresher Lessons

£27 per hour

Motorway Lessons

£32 per hour


At first learning to drive was very daunting but at the same time enjoyable - a challenge and something new to work towards. Andrew was always very patient and didn't shout when I made an error .
I had a driving lesson usually once a week, Andrew was always flexible with times, which was very helpful as I was able to fit it in around work.
After passing my driving test I went on to do the Pass Plus Course which I found very worthwhile. I think everyone should do Pass Plus - it's an enjoyable day and you learn so much. I would highly recommend it.
I've been driving for a while now and wouldn't be without it - I love it!"





After you have taken the Pass Plus Course you can get discounts on your car insurance. Tell your Insurers that you have done or will be doing the Course to see what savings you can make.






£25 per hour